Robert Andrews

Senior Specialist

With more than a decade of political and public affairs experience, Robert Andrews specializes in helping companies, organizations, and government entities navigate complex landscapes, analyzing public opinion or perception, and helping them find the right message strategy that delivers success.

As a Senior Specialist, Robert always seeks innovative ways to communicate differently with various stakeholders and constituencies and brings a keen understanding that what works in one community may not apply in another zip code.

Robert is a born and raised North Carolinian. Having graduated from Appalachian State University and lived in towns across the state like Concord, Fayetteville, and Wilmington, he would be hard-pressed to find a geographic location or locality that he has yet to stop to grab a quick bite to eat.

Robert cut his teeth on a statewide Gubernatorial campaign, served in the halls of the North Carolina General Assembly, and spent two years working for U.S. Congressman Richard Hudson’s 2020 re-election campaign during the height of the pandemic and then serving as a Field Representative for the district.

With these unique experiences, Robert has learned firsthand what makes a winning grassroots campaign, from the power of coalition-building to authentic engagement with constituencies.

When he is not working, he is constantly trying to figure out ways for work to pay for his trips to see his beloved Atlanta Braves. He lives in Raleigh, owns a plant, and believes that we can all find salvation in the bubbly goodness of Coke Zero.

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