Kara Gormley Meador

Director of Media & Content Strategy

Kara Gormley Meador is an award-winning broadcast journalist, with extensive experience hosting, anchoring and reporting the news. Her expertise gleaned from years in the media positioned Kara as a choice partner to find and tell great stories in ways desirable for optimal media coverage.  After leaving television, clients sought Kara out and before long what started as freelance work, turned into the creation of her own marketing and communications firm.

From multimedia and marketing management to crisis communication, public speaking, and video and audio production, the years Kara spent running her own business and in a television newsroom make her a master of multiple daily deadlines in fast-paced environments.

Whatever the outlet, Kara has the know-how to make your story a headline.

Outside of her work with NP Strategy, Kara is an Adjunct Faculty member in the Honor’s College and in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina.

As a mother of three boys, when Kara is not running after her children, or serving as the family chauffeur, you’ll find her doing laps in a pool, or hitting the road to train for a triathlon.

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