Darain Ginyard

Creative Specialist

Darain Ginyard is an accomplished creative visual communicator, deeply passionate about the intersection of visual design and marketing.

As a creative specialist with NP Strategy, Darain excels in branding, graphic design, visual communication, data visualization, and digital art. His expertise lies in crafting compelling visual messages for clients across diverse sectors, including government agencies, healthcare, non-profits, technology, manufacturing, mining, education, and the restaurant industry. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic approach, Darain collaborates with clients to build impactful brand identities that resonate with their target audiences.

Darain began his creative professional career as the Brand and Digital Coordinator for Eau Claire Cooperative Health Inc. (dba Cooperative Health), a Federally Qualified Health Center. Here, he spearheaded impactful branding and digital marketing campaigns, refining his creative voice and contributing significantly to the mission-driven organization.

With a Bachelor of Science in exercise science and a minor in psychology from The University of South Carolina, Darain discovered his love for creative design during his tenure as the vice president of The Association of Minority Pre-Health Students. In this role, he honed his skills in designing and disseminating visual messages that effectively represented the organization’s mission.

Building on his foundation, Darain pursued a master’s degree in mass communication with a concentration in digital marketing at The University of Southern New Hampshire, graduating with distinction and a 4.0 GPA. His academic excellence earned him invitations to prestigious organizations such as The National Society of Leadership and Success and the Alpha Phi Beta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Darain actively contributes to the cultural and artistic landscape as a board member of One Columbia for Arts and Culture. In this role, he leverages his marketing expertise to foster community relationships and promote the organization’s mission. Additionally, as the Marketing and Public Relations Director for Columbia Fashion Week, Darain plays a pivotal role in the local fashion scene, further showcasing his commitment to the local art community.

Away from the creative realm, Darain enjoys quality time with family and friends, showcasing his musical talent as a saxophonist, and capturing moments as a photographer and videographer. Fluent in Spanish, Darain draws inspiration from the study of diverse cultures and their artistic expressions. Whether running, lost in his favorite playlist, or in a suit and tie, Darain brings a multifaceted approach to his life and work, embodying a true passion for creativity and visual expression.

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