Identify Key Groups and Individuals

Our team recognizes that key groups and/or individuals can make or break a client’s efforts. That’s why we strongly suggest stakeholder research prior to engaging any community groups or individuals. That begins with identifying anyone who could have an interest in your project or issue – and the list could be longer than you think. You must take them all into account to avoid risks during the development of your project.

Create a Customized Plan

We will draft a customized stakeholder engagement plan that aligns with your project’s goals. Those plans are thoughtful and suggest which client team members would be the best fit for each stakeholder whether they be elected officials, regulators, or special interest groups and associations. In addition, we work on stakeholder maps that will help you organize and assess your stakeholders according to key criteria, such as level of influence or involvement.

Successfully Engage Stakeholders

We know from experience that thorough planning for how to engage a stakeholder, as well as managing expectations and reactions, can be the vital difference between success and failure.

It is important that you analyze the influence of each of your stakeholders and develop strategies to communicate the right information at the right time and through the most optimal channel.