Quick and Thoughtful Action

When a crisis hits there is no time to spare. Our team of professionals is ready to respond 24/7 to help formulate and execute a crisis management plan. Our former journalists understand the need to respond quickly; they know what the media needs – and when. They gather information, draft messaging, run it by the legal/executive team and then help get the vital information out as quickly as possible.

Reaching Key Audiences

We also advise you, in coordination with the legal team, on when and how to communicate with employees, community leaders, customers, vendors, investors…all key audiences. Sometimes a crisis calls for action beyond words, like supplying water to an affected neighborhood or creating a special fund. We bring our extensive experience and networks to help you navigate the crisis.

Planning and Preparation

Plan ahead. Before the crisis hits, our crisis response/management team can develop a crisis communication plan and then train your team in how to execute the plan. We know this is important and we take the job very seriously. We’ve even been known to show up for a surprise visit as mock journalists and citizens with camera phones posting to Twitter.

Our Crisis Management Experts

Are you in a crisis? Or ready to plan for one? Call us. We’re available 24/7.

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