Understand the Landscape

Each community has its own needs, assets, profile and history. If you are looking to expand or develop a new initiative, taking the time to learn the cultural, political, and social environment will set your organization up for success. Our community assessment services will better prepare you to effectively interact with residents and establish relationships with community members.

Relationships are Key

To find out everything you need to know about a community, you will need a number of sources. While some of the research can be done online, there are specific people that it might be important to talk to. Many of the crucial pieces of information come from connections- community members and leaders who will tell you exactly what you need. We use our widespread relationships to pull together in-depth assessment on target areas. Our team of professionals know where to look, how to analyze, and what to incorporate into your plan.

Effective Methods

From surveys, interviews and focus groups to detailed and confidential reports – we will tell the good, the bad and the ugly. These results and considerations will help determine appropriate goals, strategies and tactics for a successful effort or initiative in a new community.