People can make business environments unpredictable.

Whether your goal is to establish new operations, expand an organizational mission or navigate a crisis, intelligent analysis and strategy is needed. That's where we come in.

The Strategy You Need

Some Industries We Serve


Central to many of our projects is environmental stewardship, permitting and positioning. A misstep here can result in a doomed project. We understand the public’s passion for a clean environment and the regulator’s responsibility to demand nothing less. Our NP Strategy team often works with a client’s legal team to navigate permitting processes and relationships with environmental group leaders. We believe in open and proactive dialogues in order to build trust. But we also believe those conversations must be carefully timed and executed.


A backbone of many economies, manufacturing plants often find warm welcomes from local communities. That being said, local residents in the South are fiercely independent and wary of outsiders. We help introduce company leaders to a community while being respectful of local traditions and family ties. Communicating key values like job creation and investment dollars often helps residents understand operating aspects like truck traffic are worth tolerating.


The energy industry is a thriving and dynamic sector. Whether our clients are traditional energy companies or clean energy companies, they face the challenge of communicating their energy efforts as sustainable and affordable. Our team members have unique experience in this sector. We are able to effectively educate stakeholders while helping our clients navigate the regulatory, elected and environmental communities.


Consumers expect innovation and a seamless user experience from all technology providers. What sets technology companies apart is what they do beyond the average expectations. NP Strategy helps technology leaders leverage those extra efforts to build brand-enhancing campaigns. Those campaigns can be as simple as a targeted media effort to as complex as a statewide event management effort. In the end, the goal is the same: set our clients apart as technology and community partner leaders.


Changes in health care have sparked fears in consumers and health care employees. Hospitals are merging or declaring bankruptcy to adapt. Our team members have unique experience in the health care sector. We know many providers are public entities and we understand how to work within the public guidelines. Our media relations team successfully keeps journalists informed while managing the message. Employees, doctors and patients are each unique audiences that must be thoughtfully engaged. In this highly regulated industry, the right team is vital.

Non Profits

Our non-profit clients tackle important community challenges on limited budgets. We understand their needs and obligations. Despite service area differences, they share one universal goal: serve the community with excellence. NP Strategy often helps our non-profit clients with media relations, message development, stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, public speaking training and public relations. We enjoy helping our non-profit champions excel in their missions!