Why You Need a Brand Kit

Caroline Balchunas • November 2, 2022

Establishing a brand identity is important for any company, small or large, and a crucial component to building long-term success. Instead of an afterthought, brand identity should be high priority. Your brand identity is ultimately telling the story of your business, so you need a brand kit that is consistent and of high quality.

A full brand kit typically includes logo variations, corresponding color palette, and typography (font) options. A brand kit ensures your product or content remains consistent, meaning the colors, fonts and logos all look the same, similar or belong in the same “family.” Having a consistent brand kit helps your business to be more easily identifiable.

It’s all about brand recognition. Think about the impact of a logo. A logo has the power to evoke an emotional connection, good or bad. A logo is not only a first impression, but a lasting impression. It helps you craft a story for your target audience. The combination of your logo, color palette, and typography strengthens your brand recognition and helps you further your business. Your brand kit is the first thing customers notice about your business, and it sets the tone for everything else you do as a company.

What do you do with a brand kit? Use it on everything—email signature, business cards, website, letterheads, social media graphics, and newsletters. In that same vein, also get your team on board with understanding why a brand kit is important and how to utilize it. Make sure anyone within your company can access your logo, color palette, and typeface. It will ensure your message and brand image don’t become diluted or misrepresented. Instead, it shows your business is consistent, thoughtful and reliable.

Here are a few key steps to creating your brand kit:

  • Take a look at your current brand identity. You should assess your brand as a whole, what you want your audience to think about you, what you stand for, and what you believe in. You need to understand your brand so you can build off of it to create your kit.
  • Get to know your audience. This is important because it will help you mold your messages, provide content of value and speak the same language as your intended audience. Overall, it will help strengthen your brand kit.
  • Create your brand kit around your story. This is crucial to establishing your brand’s mission, personality, values and what separates you from the competition.
  • Choose a color palette that evokes the emotion, mood and tone you want to set. A good color palette has the power to establish a strong first impression and hopefully elevate your brand identity.

While creating a brand kit may seem overwhelming, it can often be a very fun part of the process and make you feel even more connected to your business. Embrace it and seek out professionals to help you do it right.

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