Why Every Brand Needs PR

June 26, 2024

Public relations is the backbone of how a company shapes and maintains its public image. Here are five proven reasons why investing in PR is essential for businesses.

1. Telling a Story
Narratives create our values, opinions, and belief systems. That is why it is important to be able to tell your story. PR professionals help you strengthen this story and allow it to appeal to certain audiences. Remember, people buy from brands they trust.

2. Building Trust & Loyalty
Your audience needs to trust that your business offerings are credible and will fit their needs. PR is the key to earning that trust. Not only does public relations strategize and strengthen your brand’s purpose, but it also streamlines media publicity so positive opinions from the public are amplified. Voices from third-party sources such as the news media build credibility and trust with your audience, and PR boosts those voices. When a customer trusts a brand, their reliance, loyalty, and purchasing typically grow exponentially.

3. Giving Your Brand Unique Edge
What makes a brand special is its voice and message that differentiates it from its competitors. PR will help businesses find the most secure, strong voice that aligns with its brand. Professionals in PR help businesses identify what is distinctive about them, and highlight these areas in order to portray a powerful message to the public.

4. Strengthening Relationships with the Public
Preserving strong relationships with stakeholders, investors, and key audience members is essential to building a strong business. Public relations helps with improving public outreach, audience research, and maintaining a strong social media presence online. Building solid connections with members of the public is key to assembling a forceful brand.

5. Crisis Mitigation
In this fast-paced interconnected world, it can be expected that a crisis can arise at any moment. Crises can potentially damage a brand’s reputation, but PR professionals are trained to mitigate these problems and project a brand’s goodwill. By preparing for potential issues, developing crisis communication plans, and managing the flow of information, PR is there to diminish the negative impact of a crisis.

As an intern for NP Strategy this summer, I am thrilled to get experience helping clients tell their story and pursue their purpose. Public relations is one of the most effective tools you can use to improve your brand strategy and voice. If you are interested in PR assistance from one of our experts at NP Strategy, visit: www.npstrategy.com/services/.

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