Where do we go from here?

Sam Johnson • April 23, 2021

Life as we know it has changed. Correction, life as we know it continues to change.

So, as we all brave this new world we must be ready to adapt with it. Roughly a quarter of the state has been fully vaccinated and 37% of the state has received at least one dose of the vaccine. We are seeing more of our friends and neighbors venture out and our local economy is seeing the most activity it has seen since the pandemic began last March. But, the question is, where do we go from here?

Our small businesses have been through the most unique ordeal any of us could have ever imagined. There have been local, state, and federal resources made available to our small businesses and organizations, but the challenge persists.

First, we have to continually ask the question: where are the resources necessary that allow me to be successful? This question has probably been the most elusive and dynamic question during the last thirteen months. There were those unable to participate in the first iteration of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). And, since that time the federal government, along with local and state governments, have worked to provide more accessible resources to the many entities that have been disastrously impacted over this past year. In the shuffle of those resources being made available, the challenge has been to not only learn of their availability, but to be nimble enough to apply for them.

There is a second factor that must be continually contemplated. Inextricably business and nonprofit leaders will have to assess the intersection of their traditional business models and public health. We have learned that a threat to public health makes for a disastrous outcome to our businesses and organizations. Whether that is a worldwide pandemic or an outbreak of cases at your restaurant, small business, or manufacturing facility.

And so, we’re off to brave a whole new world that requires us to contemplate questions and challenges that we never had to foresee before. You don’t have to brave the next steps alone – reach out to our NP Strategy team for a hand.

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