What are you losing by not paying attention to your website?

August 7, 2018

When you have a need for information, where do you first go? If you are like a growing number of Americans, you whip out your cell phone and search online. What you find, or don’t find, often leaves a lasting impression. So as a business decision-maker, are you routinely thinking about your online “look” and whether it’s captivating or chilling? As the former CEO of a website development firm, I learned what it takes to have a compelling online presence.

Here is a quick list of critical questions for your window to the world.

1. Is your brand consistent?

Does your website reflect the true essence of your company? Can I determine what that is in a 30-second scan of your homepage? Visually, have you displayed your mission, vision and values – and more importantly – your services provided to customers or stakeholders?

2. Who is your target audience?

Everyone wants to reach the masses and that really results in connecting with no one. Be focused. Who exactly is your top choice of partner, client, or customer? Be sure to tailor your website to that targeted group. For sure, tailor your text and photos, but even design your navigation to how your ideal visitor may intuitively “walk through” your website.

3. Are you grabbing their attention?

What image or story can grab a visitor’s attention? Tell it! Go beyond the who and what, and focus on the why. Why should people care about your organization? Use examples of your work to demonstrate a proof of performance. Highlight your good works in the community and why this civic engagement is important to your organization. And let others speak for you, by filling your website with testimonials of why your organization is a good partner.

4. What is your call to action?

Having a compelling online presence with strong calls to action drives business to your organization. Don’t miss an opportunity! Intentionally guide website visitors to your desired call to action. Make it clear and easy to access. And regardless of what page your visitor is viewing, list the action choices, whether it be something as simple as ‘contact us’, or something requiring more thought such as ‘donate’ or ‘buy now’.

This quick list of questions should just be the beginning. Never before has the world been more connected. Spend time and money on your website. It can confirm your reputation, score new business and connect you with the world….while you sleep.


Authored by: Jean Cecil FrickJean Cecil Frick is a veteran of the private, public and non-profit sectors driven by helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Prior to joining NP Strategy, Jean Cecil served as the CEO of a start-up web development firm. Under Jean Cecil’s leadership, the firm created high design, strategically planned and easily managed websites for businesses, non-profits and schools throughout the Carolinas.  

Originally published by MidlandsBiz on August 7, 2018.

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