Video as an Ongoing Investment

Taylor Kearns • May 12, 2020

The Hollywood film industry runs on a system of expectations, standards and edicts that are probably pretty dissimilar from the work you or your company does here at home. There is one, though, that applies to everyone – from the freelance landscape designer to the CEO of a multinational corporation – return on investment. And, when confronted with the proposition of spending your hard earned dollars to produce video, you want to be sure to maximize your investment.

Look no further than Marvel’s Avengers franchise – a juggernaut that, at last check, had generated roughly a gazillion dollars globally from movies to TV shows, animated series to merchandising – it’s everywhere. We’d all like that kind of ubiquity for our product or service, but let’s be honest: the videos you produce showcasing your widget, workforce or work-of-the-day will probably make … somewhat less of a splash. But that’s OK – as there’s still a strong business case to be made for making even a modest investment in video storytelling.

Viewership continues to grow

First, acknowledge what the statistics have borne out during the past few years and what our own usage has proven during COVID-19: video is a powerful tool for driving engagement. CEO’s have used it to more effectively communicate difficult and personal messages with their employees, while non-profits are showcasing the work they do and the difference it makes in their communities. People are watching, and audiences continue to grow. According to Cisco, by 2022, it’s estimated that more than 80% of all consumer Internet traffic will be devoted to video.

Improve SEO

Including video content can increase your brand’s search engine optimization. A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes a video. That means more eyeballs, more potential customers, and a greater impact. And it’s not tied to length – you don’t need a series of 3-minute documentaries to pump up your SEO numbers (but if you’re interested in producing a few of those, I’d be happy to help!).

Increase views & engagement

One last statistic: social media posts with videos get 48% more views, while tweets with videos see 10x more engagement. This is important to remember the next time you’re considering hiring someone to help you produce video – think beyond the initial filming, and consider how that product can be broken up and repurposed elsewhere.

That last point has become more significant at a time when people have been less inclined to gather in person for video shoots or interviews. At NP Strategy (pardon the self-promotion), I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several clients who’ve built a library of material that they’ve been able to deploy during COVID-19 to aid fundraising or educational efforts. Pieces of interviews that were previously unused, or simply still frames or photos that ended up on the cutting room floor, have found new life across social media.

No matter the vendor you choose, it makes sense to establish a relationship with a videographer you can revisit during the course of a campaign or the lifetime of your company. That library of content will pay off – if you make the initial investment.

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