The Power of Review

Seth Palmer • May 3, 2022

To err is human; to review is imperative.

The phrase “mistakes happen” echoes through society every day, however, some mistakes are entirely avoidable. As humans, we are prone to various degrees of imperfection but as communicators it is our job to minimize mistakes and mitigate consequences. For your sake, and your clients’, the simple step of review is crucial to creating content as free from error as humanly possible.

Regardless of your level in an organization, there is no shame in seeking a review from someone else. Your coworkers make up your team and you have that team for a reason. Everyone has a different perspective and can have a different understanding of how content might be received by various audiences. Their distance from the initial drafting also means they don’t have an attachment to the time it took to produce the piece, or any other factor which might make the original author hesitant to change the content.

While correct spelling and grammar are vital, they are not the only factors in content’s “correctness.”

What about the context? Did you review the situation, and are you framing the discussion correctly? A significant error that can be made in drafting content is not checking the situational analysis of seemingly innocuous content to ensure you aren’t making an egregious mistake. This takes research, an overall understanding of your client and the external factors at play across the industry, and gaining perspectives to apply to your content. While you may think your content is timely and well-placed, if you haven’t looked beyond your desk, it can damage your client and flip your good intentions to a crisis of consequences in an instant.

No matter how confident you are in the speech you wrote, the tweet you drafted, or the email you crafted, nothing should leave your proverbial desk without some layer of review and consultation by someone else.


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