The Importance of Internal Communications

Beverly Bowers • July 16, 2021

Communication is often at the core of many dilemmas or disagreements, whether personal or professional. At NP Strategy, we personalize in professional communications issues and help our clients find solutions to complex problems. Effective communication with media, stakeholders and business partners can impact your success. However, dealing with press conferences or media relations on a day-to-day basis won’t always solve your communication troubles – sometimes the messaging needs to occur within your company.

Internal communication is the function responsible for effective communication among participants within an organization. If the messaging does not line up within an organization, it will be hard to sell a united front message to the outside (media, stakeholders, etc.).

Building a strong, internal communications culture is vital to the success of team members, which leads to the overall success of an organization.

Here are three ways to build your internal messaging:

  1. Engage employees: If leadership sees that communication is just gossip or toxicity around the water cooler, it is time to identify the gaps between the current vision and what the employees are actually feeling. Through anonymous surveys or small meetings employees will have the chance to have their voice heard and leadership can gain a true understanding of what needs to change.


  1. Metrics: We monitor metrics for clients, but do we monitor them internally? If leadership is sending out multiple emails a day that employees do not read; there is a problem. Monitor the metrics and then discuss if pivoting to a different method is better. Weekly team calls or in-person meetings with a defined agenda can provide weekly messaging without bombarding an inbox.


  1. Focus on the Message: Don’t get frustrated with pivoting and the reworking of internal communications. However, don’t lose sight of your company’s core mission and vision. Stay true to your foundation, and lead with clear and open communication.


Strong internal communication leads to even stronger external communication. The impact on your company will be positive and sustainable. Never be afraid to get back to the basics and grow the messaging from the ground up. Your staff will engage better with you and each other.

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