Taking a page from the political playbook: Digital Targeting for your company

October 30, 2018

As we approach the November elections, your inbox, social media feeds and internet browser are likely filled with messages from candidates looking for your vote. And they somehow seem to speak directly to you.

How does it work?

Think back to the last time you were shopping for a pair of shoes on a website, perhaps in the morning. Then, hours later, you go to a different website to search a completely different topic… and up pops those exact shoes from your morning search. This is by design; digital targeting is a powerful tool to reach specific stakeholder groups, regardless of whether you are trying to sell shoes, win votes, grow your brand or fundraise.

Utilizing analytics and technology to engage stakeholders, or audiences, begins with segmenting each audience and then analyzing the best delivery mechanisms for action and engagement. Targets can be segmented through geographic location, demographic traits, consumer data profiles, personal electronic identifiers and even individual matches such as a donor list.

With digital targeting, still images and/or videos are placed online in a cross-device approach.  You may see an ad in the morning on a news website, hear it on SiriusXM on the way to work, catch it on your Facebook feed during your lunch break and see it one more time when you are watching your favorite program on Hulu before going to bed.

When we’ve helped our clients use digital targeting, we’ve seen how you can be innovative with the content (photos/video) used in the ad AND who actually sees it.

How does this tactic work for business?

  • A real estate firm only wants homeowners in a specific neighborhood to learn more about the real estate company
  • A lawyer wants to offer legal services to a very specific type of client, with a niche or complicated need
  • A small business owner trying to capture a larger audience by targeting people who have searched online for the specific type of business service
  • A non-profit looking to raise its profile and/or reach a fundraising goal by targeting people in a certain income bracket or who may be interested in helping the same sector of people in need

So while you may suffer from political advertisement fatigue during each election cycle know that digital targeting works.  Consider how your company or organization can leverage this approach for future success. It all starts with a simple click of the mouse.


Amanda Loveday’s passion for meeting new people and building relationships is what has made her a powerhouse in politics and communications. A decade of experience taught her the importance of getting to know the community and how to interact with people, especially those with different personalities and backgrounds. Get in touch with Amanda at (803) 540-2190 or amanda@npstrat.com.

Originally published in Midlands Biz on October 30, 2018.

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