Simplifying Your Media Strategy

John Cassibry • May 24, 2023

In today’s digital climate, establishing a strong media presence can be a crucial strategy for any organization or individual. Having an effective media relations strategy can open doors for your organization and elevate your brand to new heights, but it’s difficult to know where to start.

The complexities of the current media landscape can easily feel overwhelming, but these complexities should not discourage your organization from telling its story. Taking a simplified approach to media relations can help ease your nerves and center your media relations strategy on its true identity. Ask yourself these three questions:

What are you trying to say?

It is important to know your message before pitching the media your story. Ask yourself if your piece is unique, timely, or relevant. Develop story angles that align with your key messaging and resonate with the audience. Whether you are telling a story, proposing a solution, or providing insight, creating content that is central to your mission and compelling to an audience will help you create relationships with your audience and journalists.

Who are you trying to say it to?

When thinking of who to target, it is important to consider both your audience and the relevant outlets. Tailoring your content to a specific audience will help you determine which outlets to approach. Take the time to identify relevant outlets and journalists, understand their angles and interests, and tailor your pitch accordingly. Remember, media relations is more than just having your story published in a news outlet – it’s about developing relationships with journalists, outlets, and audiences to effectively broadcast your messaging, both now and in the future.

Why are you saying it?

Consider your purpose. Are you trying to sell a product, change a narrative, advocate for or against a certain issue, or something else entirely? Identifying your purpose will help determine how you shape your media relations strategy.

Establishing a strong media presence doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you want to elevate your brand awareness to stand out in competitive markets, recover or rebuild your image, or build trust with stakeholders, a well-executed media relations strategy will help you navigate the media landscape with confidence and ease.

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