Show Off Your Stats! Using your organization’s data to create visual content

August 5, 2020

There’s something comforting about numbers, whether it’s the way they gently guide us to sleep as children counting sheep in our beds or the feeling you get when a big purchase clears your account. Numbers equate to practically anything in our lives from financial decisions to our performance metrics at work. In business, numbers give us a foundation to make decisions about who we do business with, what products to buy and what organizations to support or invest in.

In essence, numbers have the ability to tell a story about what a company values and how it’s grown over the years. Data combined with compelling imagery, such as with an infographic or social media post, is an impactful way of showcasing who you are as a business and why people should stay engaged with you as a brand.

An organization’s statistics are one of the easiest ways to create engaging content for your digital outlets and promotional collateral. Gathering statistics about your employees, philanthropy efforts, and the company as a whole will give you ready-to-use content for showcasing the numbers in an easy to digest graphic which creates a quick and easy way to promote your business visually across a multitude of media.

Employee Statistics

Employee numbers are a great way to both humanize your organization and shine a spotlight on the backbone of your organization – your workforce. Some of the statistics you could share include:

  • Number of employees who reside in the direct community in which your organization serves.
  • Number of employees who are current or former military professionals.
  • Current number of women employed
  • Number of interns who go on to have full-time jobs within the company

Philanthropy Statistics

Breaking down your philanthropy efforts into bite-sized statistics will bring to light your organization’s commitment to the community and promote your values as a company. Suggested topics for philanthropy promotion are:

  • Dollar amount raised during a fundraising campaign
  • Amount donated over a specific number of years
  • Hours employees have volunteered their time over a specific time period
  • Number of people impacted by your company’s charitable efforts

Company Growth, Goals, and Impact Statistics

Lastly, focusing on your company as a whole, determine what numbers you want to promote that deal directly with data pertaining to the evolution and investment of your organization and its employees. Some ideas include:

  • The company’s economic impact on the local community
  • Jobs created over a certain number of years
  • Number of new locations/offices opened during a specific amount of time
  • Data showing company goals that have been reached. This could include things such as:
    • Environmental goals – How much did you reduce your carbon footprint over the past 5 years?
    • Health goals – How many employees got involved in the company weight loss competition or sporting event this quarter?
    • Learning investment – How many employees is the company currently investing in through enrollment in outside learning programs to improve upon their skills and help them move to the next level within the organization?

Ultimately to create the best content you must focus on not only what data will interest your audiences, but also what data best illustrates who you are as an organization and the image you wish to project to the world.

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