Joshua Simelton November 16, 2020 in

Marketing Minute: Offering Assistance to Clients Wanting to Start a New Business

This week on the Marketing Minute, NP Strategy’s Joshua Simelton gives you some tips on how to market your new business venture. Highlighting what makes you different from the competition…

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Emily Eckert November 10, 2020 in

‘Tis the Season (for relevant content)

For my communications and marketing friends: anyone else struggling to get excited by content lately? This year has felt like a never-ending slog of content creation, exacerbated by the need…

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Joshua Simelton November 9, 2020 in

Marketing Minute: How to Optimize your Digital Strategy in these Changing Times

This week on the Marketing Minute, NPS+ Strategic Communications Specialist Joshua Simelton discusses how you can optimize your company’s current marketing strategy. You don’t have to start from scratch –…

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Amanda Loveday November 2, 2020 in

The NP Strategy Marketing Minute with Amanda Loveday: Speaking to Reporters

This week on the Marketing Minute, NP Strategy’s COO Amanda Loveday discusses the nuances of speaking to reporters. You’re in charge of the conversation so make sure to set the…

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Kara Gormley Meador October 28, 2020 in

Compassionate Communication

While my home base is no longer a cubical inside a television newsroom where eight monitors blast shows from all of the major networks 24/7, it’s hard to ignore that…

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