Shari King January 22, 2024 in

Marketing Minute Video: The Importance of Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Transparency is critical to the longevity of an organization. NP Strategy Senior Advisor Shari King shares the three pillars of a corporate sustainability report and why it is important to…


Ryal Curtis January 4, 2024 in

Award Winning Social Media Strategist Joins NP Strategy

COLUMBIA, S.C. [January 4, 2024] –  NP Strategy, a strategic communications firm providing crisis, media and public relations assistance, will launch a robust expansion of its social media team with…

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Morgan Grimes January 3, 2024 in

Marketing Minute Video: How to Successfully Engage with Stakeholders

Virtual technology allows us to cast a wide net, but nothing beats establishing a real connection in-person. NP Strategy Specialist Morgan Grimes provides tips on how to successfully engage with…


Hannah Lackey December 7, 2023 in

Building Excitement Around Your Brand: Lessons from Trader Joe’s

When the holiday season approaches, so does the buzz of seasonal treats at popular stores like Trader Joe’s, which has an almost cult-like following. But how does this retail giant…

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Lee Bonner Friedman December 6, 2023 in

Marketing Minute Video: The Importance of Consistency

Consistency is the backbone of public relations. NP Strategy Specialist Lee Bonner underscores the significance of consistency in brand development and provides a few ways to integrate it into your…