Jesica Johnson Mackey July 27, 2023 in

The Brilliant Breadcrumb Marketing of Barbie

The beloved Barbie doll has taken the world by storm, this time outside of her box and on the silver screen. It is not likely to find someone who hasn’t…

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Denada Jackson July 21, 2023 in

Helping Lenovo Bring “Work For Humankind” to North Carolina

Lenovo’s Work for Humankind public relations campaign in North Carolina lasted three weeks and involved 13 students working with over a dozen organizations in three cities. Lenovo tasked NP Strategy…

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Amanda Loveday July 17, 2023 in

Marketing Minute Video: Six Ways PR is Innovating in a Changing Landscape

In this insightful Marketing Minute, NP Strategy COO Amanda Loveday explores the transformative impact of the pandemic on the public relations industry, highlighting six innovative ways PR professionals are adapting…


Evan Barbare July 17, 2023 in

Understanding User Mindsets for Video Success

Before uploading a video to social media, do you consider the mindset of users on the platform? If you find your video content is falling flat, consider the following before…

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Hannah Lackey May 31, 2023 in

Marketing Minute Video: Exploring the Benefits of Professional Development Organizations

Investing in your professional growth is essential for success, and professional development organizations play a pivotal role in providing valuable opportunities for personal and career development. NP Strategy Coordinator Hannah…