Mary Cullen April 21, 2022 in

Rethinking How We Share News

Today’s media scape is constantly evolving, and how we share news must evolve along with it. Whether it’s a success story, product announcement, or something else, there is no “one…

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Jamie Lovegrove April 21, 2022 in

Marketing Minute: Pitching the Media

Today’s reporters are busy, and their inboxes quickly fill with pitches. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Project Manager Jamie Lovegrove shares tips on how to make your pitch stand out…

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April 19, 2022 in

NP Strategy Expands in North Carolina

Greg Hicks Joins Fast-Growing Strategic Communications Team NP Strategy (NPS+), a strategic communications firm providing crisis, media and public relations services, today announces its newest hire Greg Hicks, who will…

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Emily E. Almasy April 11, 2022 in

Marketing Minute: Brand Refresh

Are you seeking a way to breathe new life into your brand? Consider a brand refresh. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Director Emily Almasy discusses how a brand refresh differs…

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Seth Palmer April 6, 2022 in

Shared Strength: The Value of Combined Expertise in Executing a Successful Advocacy Strategy

Remember the adage that “teamwork makes the dream work?” Well, in advocacy, those are words to live by. For advocacy efforts of any size to be successful, many things have…

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