September 13, 2021 in

Award-Winning Journalist Jamie Lovegrove Joins NP Strategy

Jamie Lovegrove, an award-winning journalist deeply versed in Palmetto State politics and media, will join the rapidly growing team at NP Strategy, a strategic communications firm serving clients across the…

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Jean Cecil Frick September 10, 2021 in

The Power of Giving Back

In 2012, I left a thriving career in Washington, DC to move back to my native state of South Carolina. Apart from family and friends, a driving factor in my…

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Imani Frasier September 10, 2021 in

Marketing Minute: Community Engagement – What it Means and What it Looks Like

Community Engagement is a sure way to create lasting relationships with loyal customers. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Imani Frasier, Communications Coordinator at NP Strategy shares a few tips on…

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Seth Palmer August 30, 2021 in

Marketing Minute: Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are everyone from industry partners, government leaders, education leaders, and community members. They have the potential to be your greatest champions or key insights for improvements. In this week’s…

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Erin Sanders August 27, 2021 in

Speaking in the Age of “Zero Tolerance”

Many of us gladly bear the title of “spokesperson” for our organizations or clients, but these days, anyone talking into a microphone must be prepared for the responsibility – and…

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