New Year, Same Consistency

Lee Bonner Friedman • January 23, 2024

As the New Year unfolds, it’s often a time of goal setting and reflection. What did you accomplish last year that you want to enhance this year? What was unsuccessful or has room for improvement? Among the various resolutions we set, one that often gets overlooked but is crucial personally and professionally is the art of consistency in communication. Maintaining a reliable communication style is imperative in today’s fast-paced world.

Consistency in communication is not just about your frequency of interactions, it’s about creating a recognizable and dependable way of expressing yourself or your company. Whether it’s the tone in your emails, the way you carry your voice in meetings, or the style of your presentations, consistency helps build trust and provides clarity.

When people know what to expect from you and your communication style, they are more likely to trust you. This is crucial in both personal relationships and professional collaborations. Furthermore, consistent messaging provides clarity and helps avoid confusion. It ensures that your audience understands your message, leaving no room for misinterpretation. A constant communication style also helps strengthen your brand identity by making your messages more recognizable and memorable. Lastly, consistency in communication fosters reliability. People will typically rely more on individuals and organizations that are consistent in their communication.

If you’re still reading, you’re probably wondering how to achieve this communication consistency. The process involves defining and adhering to your communication style while meeting your audience’s needs. Regular feedback is crucial for perfecting your approach, and remember, like any skill, consistency improves with time and practice.

This approach is critical to ensuring your message is compelling and transparent while building trust and reliability in your personal and professional relationships. As we embark on a new year, let’s not forget the power of consistency in our communication. It’s more than what we say, but how and when we say it that often makes the most impact.

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