Making the Most of Your Social Profiles

Jesica Johnson Mackey • August 10, 2022

By Maddie Barnett

There’s no question about it—social media dominates the digital landscape. The opportunity for businesses to benefit from the myriad of social platforms is stronger than ever and integrating these into a marketing strategy has become vital. The first step is understanding how to best utilize each platform.

Keeping up with relevant and popular platforms is most important. New networks are constantly emerging and garnering attention, others may undergo periods of decreased user engagement, and some simply die out. Figuring out which platforms to use and when to do so will maximize your audience reach and engagement.

Once you identify which platforms are best suited for your brand, it’s time to learn its ins and outs. Each platform has different features and ways to share content. Whether it’s boosting Instagram reels or landing on as many TikTok users’ “For You” pages as possible, understanding algorithm changes, viral trends, and the popular influencers on that platform will help you leverage your brand strategy and increase your social media visibility.

Social media requires consistency. While content calendars and scheduling software help with the daily upkeep of posting, it’s also important to monitor and check social channels multiple times per day. Responding to comments and direct messages, liking and reposting tagged posts are all smart ways to increase engagement, build relationships with your audience and establish brand recognition.

In order to ensure your social media strategy is effective, reviewing the account’s social analytics on a consistent basis will provide valuable insight. While you may be reaching users, how many are actually engaging with your content? Follower count is important, but the number of likes, comments, and shares are vital KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Measuring your social media KPIs will allow you to track progress and make necessary changes going forward.

Social media is an invaluable marketing tool. It provides the opportunity to interact directly with large consumer audiences and build loyal, authentic relationships while boosting your brand’s image.

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