Is it Time to go to Video?

Taylor Kearns • June 16, 2022

It’s no secret: video is the flavor of the month in the world of marketing and communications. Take a look at web traffic and bandwidth usage and you’ll find where interests lie: more and more of us are watching our content as opposed to reading it (except this article – which you should continue to read).

If you run a business, non-profit, or even government entity, you’ve probably had someone tell you, “We need to do video!”

But, jumping in head first without considering your overall strategy is the wrong approach.

When setting aside bandwidth metrics and consumer habits and blocking out the noise of the video-obsessed, how do you know if now is the right time to press record?

Think of video as a tool, not a checkbox. Part of the reason I enjoy working at NP Strategy over a typical, standalone video production house is that we take the time to examine each client’s situation to determine the best course of action to move toward their goal. In some cases, video may not be the right step to take at that particular time. A trustworthy video production manager should be honest with you and acknowledge when video may not be the best strategy, while also explaining where it has a place in future plans and projects.

NP Strategy has the knowledge and expertise to guide you on your video production journey, but what If you’re going it alone? Here are some simple tips for making the determination on whether it’s time to go to video:

Know your why. What is the goal of this proposed video, and can it be done better or more efficiently in a different format, like a press release, social media campaign, or something else?

Consider the demands of your organization, and the goals you want to accomplish. How would a video help you reach these?

Remember your audience. Who are you trying to reach with this video? Is this the best way to speak to them?

If your video can be used to achieve or excel an existing or targeted communications strategy, then it is likely a worthwhile investment.

I’ll leave you with one final reminder: whether it’s content you create on your own, or something more significant that requires experts like NP Strategy to film and produce, don’t do video just to do it. A video with no purpose or strategy to reinforce it is oftentimes just noise, and we all deal with enough of that already.

So be strategic—and when in doubt, we’re here to help.

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