How to use A.I. to Supplement PR Efforts

Jesica Johnson Mackey • October 31, 2023

Artificial intelligence is all anyone can talk about in the technology world today, but how can it be used in the public relations industry? AI applications are not meant to replace PR practitioners but rather to enhance the content and productivity of communications. Here are four ways AI can be harnessed in PR:

1) Monitor Media

With the assistance of AI, tracking mentions of a certain brand or topic becomes easy. Brands can be monitored across various social media platforms and news sources in real time to give you measurable and up-to-date data. Using an AI device to monitor media ensures that multiple topics and brands are meticulously tracked.

2) Perform Sentiment Analysis

Once the media monitoring data is collected, AI can be used to understand the emotions and opinions expressed in each individual mention. This data can be organized to decipher which content provoked what emotions, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

3) Predict Potential Crises

Utilizing monitored media and sentiment analysis data, AI can help determine the overall reputation of a company. Understanding how the public perceives a company at any given moment is crucial in predicting crises. Managing a problem before it becomes a crisis is a key part in maintaining the image of a brand.

4) Spark Content Inspiration

Initial ideas for press releases and content can be stimulated by the use of AI. It complements the brainstorming portion of a campaign by providing research or concepts that can be expanded on to produce a final product. AI can also provide new perspectives that could target different audiences. However, AI is used to strengthen the messages, not make them. The majority of content should still be unique and personalized by a PR professional.

 AI can be a useful tool in bolstering existing PR efforts, whether you’re looking for ideas on how to approach that new campaign, tracking the effectiveness of it through earned and social media, or trying to show its value through sentiment analysis.

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