How Political Intelligence Can Shape Your PR Strategy

Robert Andrews • July 9, 2024

Altering media headlines.

Viral social media campaigns.

Successful campaign kick-off events.

Synchronized strategic messaging.

These tactics are often the hallmarks of a solid public relations effort. And for good reason.

But what about those campaigns or efforts that nobody sees? Sometimes, your company or organization may need to wage a carefully plotted public relations campaign executed behind the scenes. These backstage efforts often result in an enormous economic development announcement or are the reason why one day a company or issue is on the brink of collapse but then finds new life three months later.

There are many strategies and tactics involved in pulling off these types of campaigns. One of them is certainly amassing Political Intelligence.

Political Intelligence refers to collecting and analyzing information about political processes, players, policies, and potential changes that can impact an organization or industry.

This Intelligence helps organizations to understand the political landscape, anticipate changes, and develop strategies to effectively navigate and influence policy decisions.

Here are four ways to incorporate Political Intelligence into your public relations strategy when your immediate goal is to not show up on the six o’clock evening news.

1.) Stakeholder Relations—Identify and rank your stakeholders. Understand their positions, identify strategies to build better relationships, and engage with political decision-makers.

2.) Informed Decision Making – Do your research before making your move. Understand how proposed laws, regulations, and different actors may affect your behind-the-scenes strategy.

3.) Targeted Messaging—Once you have identified your stakeholders, develop a targeted messaging strategy to guide your outreach to them. Ensure you understand the current political landscape and that your message is engaging and will resonate.

4.) Risk Assessment – asses the risk each situation poses to your plan, company, or project. Capture relevant information from friendly sources and monitor media to track new developments to understand potential risks to your company or organization.

Do this right – and you can send out that press release after you have already kicked your feet up and declared victory.

To explore how our expert team can help your organization navigate the political landscape and develop a winning strategy, visit today. Let’s turn your challenges into triumphs with strategic, informed decision-making.




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