Do you need a videographer? Finding the best videography services for your business

Taylor Kearns • August 27, 2019

Ask a barber, and he’ll tell you yes, you need a haircut. Ask a videographer if you need to hire an experienced professional to help produce something compelling, and they’ll usually answer in the affirmative. That’s our business, right? But these days, the question can be a little harder to answer.

You might choose your nephew – armed with an iPhone, Chromebook and a love for John Wick films (I haven’t seen the new one, so no spoilers!). This amateur videographer might produce a clip that accomplishes everything you desire. Alternatively, you could take tens of thousands of dollars to a production house that creates something that would be at home on the big screen.

It’d be easier if those were the only two options, but today, there are a range of videographers and production companies in between. At NP Strategy, we produce nearly all of our client’s content in house, but there are times when the answers to the following questions mean connecting our clients with a trusted vendor. How do you know what avenue is right for you and your organization?

Consider your options by answering these questions:

1. Who’s your audience, and how will they view your video?
High school students watching on iPhones? Potential donors watching during your presentation on stage at a charity luncheon? The right videographer knows how to speak to the audience you’re targeting. Answering the audience question is the first step as you layout production.

2. What’s the story you’re trying to tell?
This question is fundamental to any production, and while it might sound simple, the answer can be complex. If your goal is meant to trigger an emotional response or compel the viewer to respond to an ‘ask,’ look for a company that’s demonstrated a strong ability to tell a story with subtlety and humanity; one that might not be as A-Z as a viewer would expect.

3. What elements do you have to work with?
What are your ‘ingredients’? Are there interview subjects already waiting in the wings, or is there legwork involved in helping compel people to talk? An established, experienced vendor will have more experience helping you get people to the table comfortably and collaboratively.

4. What’s your deadline?
If it’s tight and must be met (what other kinds are there, right?) you don’t want to put your fate into the hands of someone without a demonstrated ability to meet deadlines. This is another one that sounds basic, but I’ve witness firsthand clients who have come to NP Strategy because they’ve been burned by missed deadlines.

5. What’s your budget?
In an ideal world, the answers to the questions above would dictate how much money you spend to produce your video, but we all know the answer to THIS question is usually the deal maker/breaker. More expensive does not always mean more effective, though. Pay attention to the answers from 1-4, before using the budget answer as the end all be all.

You have more options than ever when it comes to producing video, but the basics of storytelling and client services haven’t changed. Take the time to answer these questions, and your path will become clear.

Or, feel free to just give us a call. We’re professionals you know…

Taylor Kearns is a filmmaker at heart and a professional communicator by trade. Ever since he got his hands on the family camcorder as a child, he’s been using video and sound to tell stories. In college, he turned that love of moving pictures into a career in broadcast journalism. He went on to earn two regional Emmy awards for his work. With seven years’ experience as a photojournalist and reporter, Taylor sought out the feature stories he knew would resonate with viewers.

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