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Taylor Kearns November 22, 2023 in

Video – Make it a Meal

Say the word ‘Thanksgiving’ out loud and the image of a beautifully glazed turkey might immediately come to mind. It’s hard to mark the occasion without it – even though…

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Briana Bryant November 21, 2023 in

What You Learn While Interning at a Strategic Communications Firm

In order to prepare the next generation of communications professionals, it is important to create inspiring opportunities for budding journalists or PR students to consider careers in our field. By…

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Briana Bryant November 7, 2023 in

PR vs. Marketing: What Does Your Brand Need?

In the realm of brand development, public relations (PR) and marketing are two essential elements that serve distinct purposes. At times, some mistakenly conflate marketing as an all-encompassing role, leading…

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Jesica Johnson Mackey October 31, 2023 in

How to use A.I. to Supplement PR Efforts

Artificial intelligence is all anyone can talk about in the technology world today, but how can it be used in the public relations industry? AI applications are not meant to…

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Erin Smith October 24, 2023 in

Navigating the Waves of Change: Four Key Trends in Public Relations

The field of Public Relations is in a constant state of flux, shaped by the evolving landscape of technology, communication, and societal values. To stay relevant and effective, PR professionals…

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