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June 30, 2022 in

Your Intuition: It Will Lead You in the Right Direction

By Gulie Moore Some of the best salespeople I have ever met were the Girl Scouts in my college town. With minimal, local, and sometimes hand-drawn advertising, they would set…

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Darain Ginyard June 30, 2022 in

Marketing Minute: Visual Creatives

Standing out in the digital world isn’t easy. On this week’s Marketing Minute, NP Strategy’s Creative Specialist Darain Ginyard shares how visual creatives can help your content make an impression.

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Taylor Kearns June 16, 2022 in

Is it Time to go to Video?

It’s no secret: video is the flavor of the month in the world of marketing and communications. Take a look at web traffic and bandwidth usage and you’ll find where…

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Caroline Balchunas June 16, 2022 in

Marketing Minute: Lights, Camera, Action!

Sitting down for a TV interview can be intimidating. On this week’s Marketing Minute, former TV reporter Caroline Balchunas shares tips for a successful on-screen interview.

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Meghan Durant June 2, 2022 in

Reaching A New Frontier: TikTok

Whether it’s the latest trend, platforms falling in and out of popularity, or the seemingly never ending changes to algorithms, social media is constantly evolving. It can seem daunting at…

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