Marketing Minutes

Beverly Bowers August 16, 2023 in

Marketing Minute Video: What to Expect When Working with a PR Firm

NP Strategy Manager, Beverly Bowers, shares what to expect when working with a public relations firm and how to set yourself up for success. From defining metrics to assembling your…


Darain Ginyard August 1, 2023 in

Marketing Minute Video: Creating a Captivating Brand Image

NP Strategy’s Creative Specialist, Darain Ginyard, shares his expertise on creating a consistent and engaging brand image that will set your brand apart from competitors and leave a memorable impression…


Amanda Loveday July 17, 2023 in

Marketing Minute Video: Six Ways PR is Innovating in a Changing Landscape

In this insightful Marketing Minute, NP Strategy COO Amanda Loveday explores the transformative impact of the pandemic on the public relations industry, highlighting six innovative ways PR professionals are adapting…


Hannah Lackey May 31, 2023 in

Marketing Minute Video: Exploring the Benefits of Professional Development Organizations

Investing in your professional growth is essential for success, and professional development organizations play a pivotal role in providing valuable opportunities for personal and career development. NP Strategy Coordinator Hannah…


Jean Cecil Frick May 24, 2023 in

Marketing Minute Video: Crafting an Impactful Elevator Pitch

Mastering your elevator pitch is crucial for positioning yourself and your company for success. NP Strategy Senior Vice President Jean Cecil Frick shares her tips on making a lasting impression…