Marketing Minutes

Catherine Dingler November 4, 2021 in

Marketing Minute: Marketing for Professional Services

In the recent past, professionals could rely solely on their reputation and a simple handshake to grow their practice. Now, in our highly competitive, digital business landscape, lawyers, consultants, accountants…

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Krystal Cau October 21, 2021 in

Marketing Minute: Best Practices and Advice

Marketing has always been important for the success of any business. However, since the many changes the world encountered due to the pandemic, marketing is more important than ever. If…

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Erin Smith September 24, 2021 in

Marketing Minute: Building Your Brand After A Crisis

Today, consumers and key stakeholders engage with companies and brands that they trust. If your company has recently been faced with a crisis, how do you rebuild your brand image…

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September 10, 2021 in

Marketing Minute: Community Engagement – What it Means and What it Looks Like

Community Engagement is a sure way to create lasting relationships with loyal customers. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Imani Frasier, Communications Coordinator at NP Strategy shares a few tips on…

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Seth Palmer August 30, 2021 in

Marketing Minute: Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are everyone from industry partners, government leaders, education leaders, and community members. They have the potential to be your greatest champions or key insights for improvements. In this week’s…

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