Marketing Minutes

Robert Andrews May 16, 2024 in

Marketing Minute Video: Incorporating Political Intelligence Into Your PR Strategy

Incorporating political intelligence into your PR strategy equips your company to skillfully navigate ever-changing governmental landscapes and leverage legislative connections. NP Strategy Senior Specialist Robert Andrews identifies four key strategies…


Heather Hoopes-Matthews May 2, 2024 in

Marketing Minute Video: From Fear to Fluency: Conquering Public Speaking Anxiety

Learn how to master presentation skills and overcome common stumbling blocks. NP Strategy CEO Heather Hoopes-Matthews shares expert tips on how to speak confidently to captivate your audience and deliver…


Jeff Reeves April 18, 2024 in

Marketing Minute Video: From Random to Regular on Social Media

In today’s digitally-driven world, staying consistent on social media is not just an option—it’s a necessity for fostering trust, building your brand, and ultimately driving business success. NP Strategy Manager…


Mary Cullen April 2, 2024 in

Marketing Minute Video: Unlocking the Power of Employee Advocacy

In today’s dynamic world, leveraging the power of employee advocacy can amplify your brand’s impact. NP Strategy Manager Mary Cullen shares how to harness your team’s influence to boost brand…


March 21, 2024 in

Marketing Minute Video: How to Navigate a Crisis

When crises strike, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, regardless of your experience. NP Strategy Intern Belle Fortson shares practical steps to guide you through challenging situations and help you maintain…