Marketing Minutes

Seth Palmer June 2, 2022 in

Marketing Minute: Grassroots and Grasstops

Who do you need in your advocacy corner? On this week’s Marketing Minute, NP Strategy Director of Strategic Communication Seth Palmer shares how to get started when identifying your unique…

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Erin Smith May 19, 2022 in

Marketing Minute: Events

Events are back, and the southeast is the place to be. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Vice President Erin Smith discusses how to hook, line, and sink your next event.

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Celesia Patterson May 5, 2022 in ,

Marketing Minute: Marketing Strategies

We’re starting to return to pre-pandemic business normalcy. Set yourself up for success by laying out goals for your marketing strategy. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Strategic Marketing Manager Celesia…

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Jamie Lovegrove April 21, 2022 in ,

Marketing Minute: Pitching the Media

Today’s reporters are busy, and their inboxes quickly fill with pitches. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Project Manager Jamie Lovegrove shares tips on how to make your pitch stand out…

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Emily E. Almasy April 11, 2022 in ,

Marketing Minute: Brand Refresh

Are you seeking a way to breathe new life into your brand? Consider a brand refresh. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Director Emily Almasy discusses how a brand refresh differs…

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