Erin Smith May 19, 2022 in

Marketing Minute: Events

Events are back, and the southeast is the place to be. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Vice President Erin Smith discusses how to hook, line, and sink your next event.

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Robert Andrews May 19, 2022 in

Back to the Future: How to Utilize That Dusty Rolodex

We are surrounded by an ocean of technology and social media. Every day we tap away on our iPhones or scroll through our Microsoft Outlook accounts trying to find new…

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Beverly Bowers May 5, 2022 in

Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light: Your Guide to Event Planning in a Pandemic

As the classic playground game goes: red light means stop, yellow light means maybe and green light means GO. What does the playground game mean when you are planning an…

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Celesia Patterson May 5, 2022 in

Marketing Minute: Marketing Strategies

We’re starting to return to pre-pandemic business normalcy. Set yourself up for success by laying out goals for your marketing strategy. On this week’s Marketing Minute, Strategic Marketing Manager Celesia…

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Seth Palmer May 3, 2022 in

The Power of Review

To err is human; to review is imperative. The phrase “mistakes happen” echoes through society every day, however, some mistakes are entirely avoidable. As humans, we are prone to various…

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